Choosing Speakers

[ Monday, 01 September, 2014 ]


# HaCkED By KinG aLmaFia Gne Yemeni #


I am here KinG aLmaFia :P

We do not penetrate in order to prove that we are professionals
But, to put a sign in your history

[~] I do not pretend intelligence [~]
But trying ..
[~] To destroy intelligent [~]

INST : ab8

INST : 2.8

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14 Is Now 18!!

[ Thursday, 14 August, 2014 ]

According to all the requests we decided to extend the registeration deadline until the 18th of August 2014.

Take advantage of the chance and register your idea now to become a speaker at TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen.

Congrats Samir Alsagheer!

[ Sunday, 24 August, 2014 ]

We congratulate Samir Alsagheer for getting a seat at TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen by winning the bowling competition that TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen held on Sunday the 20th of July 2014.

TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen Participates in the Fast Reading Workshop

[ Friday, 18 July, 2014 ]

On the 18th of July 2014, TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen team presented their video during the fast reading workshop held by the National Foundation for Development and Human Rights that gave information about TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen and how to register to be a speaker. The team also distributed flyers for all attendees that describes the conference further more. 

Meet the Team & Enjoy Your Time

[ Friday, 18 July, 2014 ]

On the 20th of July 2014 TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen held an event at the bowling alley at Magical City with corporation with its management. The team introduced TEDx and TEDxYouth and held a bowling competition in which the higher score player gets a seat for the event on the 14th of October 2014.

TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen at Exceed Language Center

[ Wednesday, 16 July, 2014 ]

On the 16th of July 2014, TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen team visited Exceed Language Center and introduced the conference and how to register to the students. Mohammed Abdulmaoula started the session by giving a short introductory about TED & TEDx and what is TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen and he was followed by Eithah Almaghafi, the event organizer, who answered the given questions. Then Sami Alaqel gave a short talk about “Stage Fright” and how to overcome it.

We thank Exceed Language Center for hosting the team as well as Mohammed Abdulmoula and Sami Alaqel for making it an interesting night.

Be a Part of TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen Organizing Team

[ Sunday, 01 June, 2014 ]

Be a part of the first TEDxYouth happening in Yemen TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen and join the organizers’ list. Apply now to be one of these members:-
- Interior Design
- Logistics Person
- Public Relations & Media
- Chibi Drawer 
Please send your CV and mention the part you are applying for.
Deadline is due 6.6.2014

Be a TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen Ambassador

[ Tuesday, 27 May, 2014 ]

TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen team announces its need for volunteers to work as ambassadors for the team at their schools and universities and other places.

TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen celebrates #10000TEDx

[ Friday, 23 May, 2014 ]

TEDxYouth@BabAlYemen celebrates #TEDx10000
We are very proud to be part of TEDx events
And we promise you with young speakers with great ideas worth spreading